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FAQ: How is mezcal made?

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Mezcal. A unique drink with an ancestral process.

It takes each maguey almost a decade of being exposed to the Oaxacan sun in order to reach maturity and enable the creation of Mezcal. During the eighth year a Jimador will cut the thorny branches of the Maguey and remove the “Piña”: The subterranean heart of the plant. The “Piña” contains the raw material that will be used for the preparation of the drink (Step #1)

Magueys are cooked for three days in underground stone ovens (Step #2), after that, they are crushed by the Tahona Method (A process in which a mule pulls a stone wheel into a circular space managing to crush the cooked maguey and releasing its juice) (Step #3).

(Step #4). The juice extracted by the "Piña"'s is placed and naturally fermented in pine or oak vats. After fermentation, the product is transferred to small copper stills heated by wood and start its distillation (Step #5)

Once distillation is obtained, the product is refined to increase its alcohol content and achieve a desirable alcohol content. Mezcal is stored in white oak barrels in order to provide a flavor to the product and give some coloring.

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